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Doctor Gary Miller is introduced to the world of self-help in the form of seven experiments. Each experiment is designed to focus Dr. Miller’s mind, so he can realize his dreams through the power of thought alone: conceive it, believe it, and achieve it. He’s dubious at first, but frustrations at work and a loveless marriage lead him down the rabbit hole. Much to his surprise, the experiments work. In fact, they work unbelievably well, and he soon discovers they can lead beyond the acquisition of material wealth. They can make him immortal, and God-like. However, Dr. Miller will learn getting what you want isn’t always a good thing. In fact, it can be quite maddening. Just be careful what you ask for.



Stephen Kanicki is an author of thought-provoking, reality-based science fiction. His novel, The Seven Experiments, features an ordinary college professor and a self-help experiment that goes horribly wrong. With his unique slant on familiar characters and extraordinary circumstances, Stephen weaves a psychological narrative that is truly imaginative and horrifying.

Stephen is the father of three children, a teacher, an award-winning photographer, and a musician. He enjoys writing by the shores of lake Chautauqua at his home in Ashville, New York, but he’s not averse to setting down the laptop and picking up a fishing pole when the fish are biting. When he’s not teaching, writing, or painting, he likes to run and can often be seen on Sunday morning long runs at Long Point State Park. If his aging body can stand it, he would love to run another full marathon.



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