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In the summer of 1857, the Devil visited Titusville, Pennsylvania and was greeted by an exorcist with a drinking problem and a bad attitude. This is his story:

For the low price of five dollars, Dexter “Dex” James will exorcise your demons: the demon of lust, drink, and gluttony. Unfortunately, he’s new in town, and few people take him seriously. The ones that do, don’t have a dime to spare. Desperate for money, he elicits help from a boy named Boo and a beautiful woman, named Miss Leslie—she’s half his age and a prostitute, but Dex is smitten.

After performing a supposed miracle, Dex becomes the talk of Titusville. His billfold and ego grow with each exorcism. Only Miss Leslie’s love could make him happier. However, when an evil entity threatens a young girl, Dex must make a choice: take the coward’s way out or stay and fight?




  • Number 1 Best Seller: Amazon's Psychic Thriller category  

  • "A genuinely chilling psychological thriller. Can't wait to read what Kanicki dreams up next." 9/10 -Murder Mayhem and More

  • "A hugely entertaining psychic thriller that fans of Black Mirror will relish." -Best Thrillers

  • "...thought-provoking paranormal thriller." -Sublime Book Review

"... Stephen Kanicki weaves an intriguing tale in The Seven Experiments. It's been a while since I read a story with a healthy dose of eeriness like this one. It's nothing too close to horror, but it's just creepy enough to make your skin crawl. Set in present-day New York City, The Seven Experiments is a fictional novel that examines religious, pseudoscientific and metaphysical themes..." Literary Titan


Good read

"Interesting and thought provoking. A nice twist of good and evil. I was hoping for an ending in this direction." Amazon Reviewer


4.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating

"The Seven Experiments are a scary look at the combination of self-help, science and 'what-if?'. Struggling professor and minister Dr. Gary Miller is frustrated with his mediocre life - especially when he compares himself to his friend, Dr. Robert Harris, who has just retired, with everything he could want. Then Bob introduces Gary to the Seven Experiments - positive thinking gone wild, especially in Gary's case. The experiments work. They work incredibly well. Now Gary can get everything he desires - but what choices will he make? The novel is an exciting exploration of power, morality, and choice and how those choices change us as our power/influence grows. A rapid moving read and fascinating to the end."

" Amazon Reviewer



Stephen Kanicki is an author of thought-provoking, reality-based science fiction. His novel, The Seven Experiments, features an ordinary college professor and a self-help experiment that goes horribly wrong. With his unique slant on familiar characters and extraordinary circumstances, Stephen weaves a psychological narrative that is truly imaginative and horrifying.

Stephen is the father of three children, a teacher, an award-winning photographer, and a musician. He enjoys writing by the shores of lake Chautauqua at his home in Ashville, New York, but he’s not averse to setting down the laptop and picking up a fishing pole when the fish are biting. When he’s not teaching, writing, or painting, he likes to run and can often be seen on Sunday morning long runs at Long Point State Park. If his aging body can stand it, he would love to run another full marathon.



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